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Policy Manager

Trevor McCarty



Trevor is the Policy Fellow for Farm Forward. Trevor holds an MS in environmental behavior and communication from the University of Michigan, where he also received a BA in biopsychology, cognition, and neuroscience. He has a background in social psychology research, food systems, and has done work on climate resilience at the local level.


Written by Trevor McCarty

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February 27, 2024

Farm Forward is Pushing Meat Companies to Take Action on Antibiotic Usage

October 4, 2023

Farm Forward’s Letter to State Attorneys General Encourages Action on Antibiotic Labeling

September 19, 2023

Farm Forward’s Letter to the USDA Advocates for More Transparency in Meat Labeling

August 25, 2023

Farm Forward Survey: humanewashing erodes consumer trust

May 25, 2023

Working with Yale University to Address Factory Farming

April 19, 2023

Better Business Bureau rules OHC should discontinue animal welfare claims

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