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Food Policy

Institutional food policies shift food consumption patterns on a much larger scale than outreach to individual consumers. Legislative policy has the power to protect animal welfare, the environment, and worker rights. Farm Forward has a long and deep history of supporting the policies that help institutions and society shift away from factory farming.


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Leadership Circle

To build a just and resilient future we must change how we raise animals for food. Because our current appetite for animal products is unsustainable we advocate for a “less and better” approach to dining, and members of the Leadership Circle are leading the way by creating demand for a more just and equitable food system while improving public health, the environment, and animal welfare.

Food Policy News

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March 27, 2019

Harvard Business School Joins Farm Forward’s Leadership Circle

September 9, 2020

Farm Forward Joins Diverse Group of Advocates to Endorse Farm System Reform Act 

July 7, 2016

USDA to Propose Long-Awaited Improvements to Certified Organic Label