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Farm Forward campaigns reduce farmed animal suffering and build a better world.

We have a proven track record of changing farming and changing policy through our campaigns.

What sets us apart from other animal welfare organizations?

Farm Forward envisions a world after factory farming and works to craft the farm system we hope to inherit. Rather than focusing only on incremental improvements, our campaigns target the levers that lead to systemic change. 

Previous Campaigns

End Big Poultry to Thwart the Next Pandemic

Our relationship with animals—and especially the intensive confinement of chickens, turkeys, and ducks on cramped, filthy factory farms—is increasing the risk of deadly global pandemics. It’s not a question of how we make ourselves safer. We know. The only question is will we?

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We led the campaign that pressured this multinational corporation toward a first-of-its-kind commitment to stop the destruction of male chicks within the egg industry. That led to the adoption of a new technology that spares day-old chickens from being slaughtered shortly after they hatch, and the company to introducing new products that are entirely animal-free.

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Our lawsuit led to a federal judge striking down North Carolina’s “ag-gag” law, ruling that several of its provisions were unconstitutional and violated the First Amendment. The law had punished whistleblowers for exposing animal abuse and human rights violations.

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