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Animal Product Labeling

When shoppers buy animal products labeled with impressive-looking certifications and claims, most imagine an animal who was raised on pasture, not a factory farm. Unfortunately, in most cases, consumers are misled.


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End Humanewashing

What labels do you look for—”Cage Free,” “Humanely Raised,” “Natural?” Far from helping us make informed choices, the meat industry uses many labels to humanewash.

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November 16, 2022

US consumers would be concerned upon learning where meat really comes from

October 18, 2022

Humanewashing by meat companies and leading retailers pushes small farmers out of business

August 23, 2022

Farm Forward Sues Whole Foods for Deceiving Consumers About Antibiotic Use in “Antibiotic Free” Meat

Certifications today enrich corporations that profit from factory farming and shield it (and themselves) from criticism…Some real if modest welfare improvements for animals are occurring, but it is dubious that welfare certifications are in any way driving these changes and [it’s] beyond question that they are confusing and deceiving consumers.


Andrew deCoriolis

Executive Director
Do Welfare Certifications Raise The Bar For Farm Animals?