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Food System Solutions

Farm Forward is part of a diverse coalition of farmers, activists, communities, and consumers building the public and political will to end factory farming. We are working toward a society that phases out industrial animal farming in favor of holistic, biodiverse farming that is better for people, animals, the climate and environment, and drastically lowers our risk for future zoonoses and pandemics.


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Food Policy

Institutional food policies shift food consumption patterns on a much larger scale than outreach to individual consumers. Legislative policy has the power to protect animal welfare, the environment, and worker rights. Farm Forward has a long and deep history of supporting the policies that help institutions and society shift away from factory farming.

Latest News

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December 4, 2023

Introducing the EFFECTIVE Food Procurement Act

October 5, 2023

Farm Forward Board Member, Jonathan Safran Foer, Encourages Meat Reduction at the Vatican

May 25, 2023

Working with Yale University to Address Factory Farming