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Farm Forward provides knowledge and strategic guidance to those working to end factory farming, improve welfare conditions for farmed animals, and create a more just and sustainable food system.

We consult with those working to end factory farming, improve welfare conditions for farmed animals, and create a more just and sustainable food system

We help philanthropists, researchers, nonprofit leaders, food-serving institutions, investors, businesses and media understand strategically important aspects of factory farming and its alternatives. Farm Forward accepts consulting projects that advance our mission, and any income we receive from paid consulting supports our campaigns and pro-bono services.

We are a mission-driven nonprofit organization with active advocacy campaigns and we only accept consulting projects that we believe will advance work to benefit farmed animals or strengthen the capacity of the broader animal advocacy movement. Benefits of working with Farm Forward include:

  • Our team members have direct “on-the-ground” experience in farmed animal advocacy that informs our research;
  • This experience has built a deep network of trusted contacts in both the advocacy community and industry;
  • Our knowledge is constantly being updated as we engage in advocacy work;
  • As insiders to farmed animal protection advocacy, we have deep knowledge and intuitions about the politics and culture of this space that might be opaque to an outside researcher. The aim of our paid and pro-bono consulting is to increase support for and investment in the anti-factory-farming movement, particularly for highly impactful forms of advocacy that are comparatively underfunded.

Consulting for Philanthropists

In the past several years we advised clients in philanthropy leading to millions of dollars of new and diversified funding for animal protection advocacy. We’ve worked with individual donors to advise them on their giving strategies and help new foundations develop innovative programs in the farmed animal welfare space.

When possible, we leverage our consultations with private clients to benefit the entire movement to end factory farming. For example, we turned a portion of the research we produced for a philanthropist into the now publicly-available report, “The Farmed Animal Protection Movement,” which helps funders, advocates, and media diversify their knowledge of the movement. For more examples, see our Publications.

Consulting for Food Businesses

Through our Leadership Circle, we consult with universities, businesses, and restaurants that adopt a “less meat, better meat” approach: sourcing higher welfare meat, dairy and eggs while incorporating more plant-based protein. By developing a network of sustainable and higher welfare farmers and ranchers, and by driving consumer demand for their products and plant-based alternatives, the Leadership Circle is moving agriculture in a higher welfare, more sustainable direction.

Our consulting clients include major food businesses like pioneering meal kit delivery company Blue Apron. Farm Forward worked with Blue Apron’s co-founder for more than two years to develop animal welfare standards for the meat sourced by the company, and helped identify and evaluate potential suppliers. Our consulting concluded with Blue Apron acquiring two high welfare companies and integrating their products into their supply chain.

Farm Forward has supported a wide range of companies, including a pet food company that sources high welfare ingredients, a pet treat company making cultured meat alternatives, a software company that developed a meal planning app aimed at helping shoppers find delicious, low carbon meals, and a carbon offset company developing the first ever carbon credit for institutional meat reduction.

Learn more about the Leadership Circle

Consulting for Investors

Farm Forward advises investors, private equity firms, and ESG consulting companies on animal welfare issues. We evaluate the supply chains of food businesses, and we review corporate governance policies and product marketing to help investors understand the animal welfare risks and opportunities of potential mergers or acquisitions. As a result of our consulting, companies have modified their marketing, changed suppliers, and adopted new animal welfare commitments.

Farm Forward also supports impact investors who are looking for ways to reduce farmed animal suffering or advance alternative proteins. We have provided advice and market consulting to investors and connected them with leading entrepreneurs whose businesses we believe have potential to positively impact animal welfare.