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December 7, 2021

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Food System Solutions


Ending Factory Farming is Possible, Together (Part 2)

This letter is the second in a 3-part message from our founder, Aaron Gross. To read the previous letter in the series, please click here.

In 2007 when Farm Forward was founded there wasn’t a single organization in the country that even claimed to be exclusively focused on ending factory farming—it was, as it sometimes still remains, at best a smaller side project of an organization with a larger mission. At Farm Forward, we have only ever had one mission: ending factory farming. We give special priority to animal welfare, but our supporters are also climate activists, environmentalists, public health advocates, anti-racism activists, and many others ready to stand with us against the industrial farm and in favor of a transformed food system for all. We’re omnivores, vegans, flexitarians and every other kind of eater.

Though fifteen years old, we are still a new kind of organization. Factory farming is a new kind of problem and requires no less.

We’re proud that other nonprofits have joined us over the years; we’re pleased to see more resources at larger nonprofits directed to anti-factory farming efforts; and we’ve been especially honored to work with new philanthropists putting anti-factory farming efforts at the center of their portfolios. However, most of all, we’re grateful to all of you—our supporters and followers—for making it possible for us to spend our days fighting this important social transformation.

The Farm Forward team is made of individuals with a lifetime commitment to transforming animal agriculture—this is not just an ordinary job for us, but a calling. We work tirelessly to keep abreast of the unfolding realities of industrial farming so that we can identify the pressure points capable of truly weakening and ultimately transforming animal agriculture as we know it. We live in a world that demands specialists, and our specialty is building the public will to end factory farming.

For fifteen years we’ve been doing just that, and, with your help, we are just getting started!

Onward and forward,

Aaron S. Gross

Founder and CEO // Farm Forward

P.S. – Please consider supporting our efforts with a donation of $10 or more! Every donation in any amount helps demonstrate the public will to end factory farming and helps our efforts to secure funds from foundations and large donors.


Thank you for reading the second letter from Farm Forward’s founder, Aaron Gross. The final letter in the series can be found here.