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December 7, 2020

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Repair is Possible 

We write to you from the year 2050 to let you know that humanity is thriving on a rejuvenated planet. Looking back, 2020 was a turning point. Colliding crises—runaway climate change, a global pandemic, and extreme inequality—motivated a mass movement of people to demand change.  

In the years that followed, a diverse coalition of farmers, activists, communities, and consumers built the political will to end factory farming. That work went hand-in-hand with confronting racism and systemic oppression to build a just society and an economy that promotes equity. Over decades, we mitigated the climate crisis, greatly reduced the risk of another global pandemic, and rebuilt an American food system that works for everyone. 

Your support of Farm Forward made this all possible.


What does that food system look like from the vantage point of 2050? Monolithic factory farms have been replaced by a mosaic of family farms producing grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, mostly for domestic consumption. American diets have shifted plants to the center of the plate. Today, the few animals that are raised for food have healthy genetics and are raised on pasture.  

As a result, rivers and streams run clean of pesticides, fertilizer, and toxic animal waste. Soils are rich and healthy and are a key part of climate mitigation. Workers across the food chain have safe, dignified jobs that allow them to thrive.  

You might wonder how we did all this in just 30 years. We worked together. People like you, people dedicated to this vision of a better future, pitched in to build it.  

Historians say that 2020 was a critical turning point. Crisis created opportunity. That hard year laid the foundation for the progress that followed—none of this progress would have been possible without people deciding, in 2020, to generously invest in the causes they cared about. That year, your support of Farm Forward helped make progress possible. 

In 2020, Farm Forward: 

  • Launched a campaign about factory farming and pandemics that reached millions of people and helped pave the way for the political changes to come;  
  • Supported frontline food workers and demanded that meat companies protect their workers—most of whom are people of color and immigrants—from the rampant spread of COVID-19 in slaughterhouses; 
  • Pushed to repeal ag-gag legislation in multiple states, and won in North Carolina (resulting in the court deeming ag-gag laws unconstitutional in one of the largest animal ag states in the country);  
  • Advocated for an anti-racist animal protection movement; and  
  • Lobbied for a new vision for American agriculture, which begins with phasing out CAFO’s and a transition to more just, sustainable, and humane forms of agriculture.  

All of these efforts were integral to what we now experience as a resilient new normal in 2050, and they wouldn’t have occurred without you.  

Your support in 2020 made a different future possible. Consider a recurring gift today and help Farm Forward ensure a better world.   

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December 7, 2020