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Executive Director

Andrew deCoriolis



Andrew deCoriolis is the Executive Director of Farm Forward where he advocates for safe, healthy, and humane animal farming. Andrew is an expert in animal welfare standards and certifications. He works closely with food companies, universities and cities to help them improve the welfare of animals in their supply chain.

Andrew was responsible for creating and launching the Leadership Circle, a program aimed at helping institutions source more humane food and, an authoritative guide for consumers and institutions who are interested in buying higher-welfare poultry and plant-based products.

Andrew’s work at Farm Forward has been covered in leading periodicals including the New York Times, Fast Company, and Civil Eats. Andrew is currently an advisor to the WellBeings charity, the Game Changers Institute, The Good Food Purchasing Program, and the State Innovation Exchange. Andrew lives in San Francisco with his partner, son, and rescue mutt Tater Tot.


Written by Andrew deCoriolis

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Instead of asking how factory farms can prevent infections that originate in the environment, which is how they frame it now, we should be asking how they can prevent infections that originate on factory farms…If we keep raising more and more animals in these conditions, we should expect the exact outcome we’re getting because that’s how the system is set up.


Andrew deCoriolis

Executive Director
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