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March 28, 2020

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Food System Solutions

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Animals, Ethics, and Climate Crisis: A Virtual Visit with David Clough

On Friday, April 17 you’re invited to join theologian David Clough to discuss animal ethics, the environmental impacts of factory farming, Christian responses to these issues, as well as information on the DefaultVeg campaign.

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Dr. Clough is Professor of Theological Ethics at the University of Chester, UK, Visiting Professor at the Centre for Animal Welfare at the University of Winchester, past President of the Society for the Study of Christian Ethics, and founder of CreatureKind, which engages UK and North American Christian churches and institutions with farmed animal welfare as a faith issue. Dr. Clough also recently created the DefaultVeg campaign. DefaultVeg is a tangible and effective way to implement food policy that can help universities make the shift toward sustainable food choices.

The idea is simple:

Offer plant-based meals by default, while providing diners the choice to add meat and/or dairy products upon request. Institutions that have adopted DefaultVeg report that it’s easy to implement, saves money, and has a large, measurable climate impact, all while retaining diners’ freedom of choice. DefaultVeg also helps diners with allergies or restrictions (lactose intolerance, vegetarian, vegan, etc.) feel more included in their dining environment. DefaultVeg can be implemented anywhere food is served, including faculty meetings, catered events, cafes, all-you-can-eat dining facilities and anywhere food is served on campus.

This event is part of Farm Forward’s Faith in Food Initiative, the largest national effort to promote community-specific work to fight factory farming from a faith-based perspective. Only with your support will Farm Forward again be able to sponsor these unique virtual visits and ensure that the program’s cost is covered in its entirety.

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