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End Humanewashing

Consumers are being deceived at an unprecedented scale.

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What is humanewashing?

Deceptive labels and imagery

Consumers are being deceived on an unprecedented scale. Corporations are humanewashing—using deceptive labels and imagery to market animal products, promoting the illusion of animal well-being while concealing the extent of animals’ illness and suffering. After a decade of work in animal welfare certification, Farm Forward has identified humanewashing as an unparalleled deception of meat consumers, and the greatest threat to the growing global movement to end factory farming.

Campaign Victories

Victory! After our coalition of more than 50 groups denounced the “One Health Certified” (OHC) label as humanewashing, grocery chain Giant Eagle announced that it would phase out all OHC chicken from its stores.

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Our in-depth report “The Dirt on Humanewashing” revealed how consumers are being deceived about animal welfare on an unprecedented scale.

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Educating the public: The New York Times published our letter outlining how humanewashing exploits consumers’ good will to line the pockets of chicken industry executives. It marked the first appearance of the term humanewash in the Times. 

Farm Forward’s consumer survey revealed that the majority of Americans have been misled about animal welfare through deceptive marketing tactics used by meat producers and retailers.

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We found a variety of drugs, including an antibiotic, in meat certified as having “no antibiotics, ever” taken from products purchased from Whole Foods store shelves.

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