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Published April 2024

Dairy Deception: Corruption and Consumer Fraud at Alexandre Family Farm

This report details the results of a consumer fraud investigation conducted by Farm Forward, with the help of rancher whistleblowers, that uncovered systemic deception, cruelty, and animal abuse by arguably the leading higher welfare, Organic, and Certified Humane dairy operation: Alexandre Family Farm, LLC.

Published December 2021

Humanewashing’s Effect on Consumers

Survey of Consumer Beliefs About Welfare Certifications

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Consumer Advocacy
Published December 2020

The Dirt on Humanewashing

A Farm Forward Report on Consumer Deception in Animal Welfare Certification

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Consumer Advocacy
Published October 2020

Regenerative Agriculture Report

An agricultural movement’s alignment with farmed animal welfare.

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Published September 2020

Farmed Animal Protection Movement Report

Common strategies for improving and protecting the lives of farmed animals.

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Published August 2015

Exposing Ag-Gag

Farm Forward exposes how “ag-gag” legislation impedes free speech rights.

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